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We connect the technology and products of leading industrial and engineering companies with Spanish companies wishing to expand their product portfolio and diversify into new markets.


Interview by ISA International with María José Raposo, Founding Partner of Engitech4bizz


Tell us about your role.

My current role is to manage the company, get to know the customers’ needs and try to find the technology that supplies their needs.

What made you want to pursue a career in this field?

It really was my father’s influence. I grew up watching him work with electronic components and making his own circuits. This was a big reason I chose to study engineering.

What advice do you have for somebody who wants to get into a career in engineering?

I would tell them to stay up to date and informed about advances and technologies, and to surround themselves with professionals in their sector to achieve that.

What makes you the most excited about your field?

The new technologies. The field of electricity (power generation, transport and distribution) is always innovating in new ways.

Is there a piece of advice you have received that you would like to share with future automation professionals?

Never stop studying or investigating new advances in your field!

Link to interview at ISA International

We are looking for distributors

If you wish to become a distributor of Togo products in Spain, please contact us.


VTRON presents its most advanced FCOB visualization technology for 24/7 control rooms.

The specialists at Engitech4Bizz receive training to stay updated on the new technologies of Ametek's Digital Transit Recorders

This training took place at their headquarters in Dunfermline, Scotland, as part of the technical services provided by Ametek Power Instruments throughout Europe.

New agreement with Togo Power

Engitech, in its mission to target the market with technological solutions, has signed an agreement with the manufacturer TOGO, which provides, among other solutions, multi-purpose energy storage and recovery systems.

TOGO Product Catalog

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We assist international companies wishing to enter Spain in choosing the ideal client, partner or distributor for their technology.


Our extensive market knowledge will allow you to reach new customers by introducing yout innovations and new applications.


Today, speed to market for innovation and technology is critical, and we can help you get there first.

Engitech supports international companies by helping them understand the market`s potencial size.

Engitech helps companies already present in the Spanish market to improve their growth strategy.

We work with you to develop an action directed at new market segments and expand  your customer base using your products to achieve a higher level of market penetration.

Our team

María José Raposo Rodríguez

María José
Raposo Rodríguez


Industrial Engineer and Master in Commercial Management and Sales. More than 15 years of experience in Sales and Operations, leading the Electrical Department of Aplein Ingenieros in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Chile. Experience in international projects and business around the world. Currently Vice President of ISA Spain (International Society of Automation).

+34 646 590 676


I’m also on LinkedIn
Armando González Lefler

González Lefler


Telecommunications Engineer. Owner of Aplein Ingenieros since 1980, a leading company in Integral Solutions for Control Centers and Advanced Instrumentation. Experience in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Chile and several South American countries. Member of the steering committee for Spain of ISA (International Society Automation).

+34 649 971 057

I’m also on LinkedIn
Juan Manuel Redondo

Juan Manuel


Economist. Member of the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysis. With more than 30 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions of companies (M&A) and in Strategic Consulting for large Spanish and international companies. At Engitech4Bizz he consuels International Clients on the suitability of their products or services for introduction into the Spanish market, evaluating the market potential, analyzing the competition and guiding the client between the various options to establish themselves (Market Entry Consultant). He advises Spanish clients on business development to expand their range of products and services and diversify markets.

+34 637 503 304


I’m also on LinkedIn


Energía y servicios públicos

Energy and utilities

With the evolution of the current energy market, private companies in the electricity and public services sector must be prepared for new challenges. New and stricter regulations, new forms of competition (including for regulated companies) and continuous reflection on the best way for electricity and gas networks to navigate the energy transition and integrate conventional and renewable energy sources.

Bienes Industriales

Industrial goods

Companies that produce and market industrial goods face the need for change by redefining themselves, their offerings and their way of doing business.

For industrial goods companies, business as usual is not an option. Regardless of their specific industry sector – chemicals, construction, machinery and the like – these companies must think beyond their traditional business and operating models to choose where and how to create value in the future.

Engitech helps clients in the industrial goods sector prepare for the future in this current period of immense change and uncertainty. We are working in the following sectors.

Petróleo y gas

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas sector is adjusting to the energy transition, decarbonisation, oil price volatility and more sophisticated government regulation.

To help companies, we draw on our experience with international suppliers and leading companies that bring real value to the oil and gas industry.

Petróleo y gas

Engineering and contractors

They must also adapt to the current technological needs of customers, incorporating new technologies and services; its diffusion in Spain and the rest of the world helps them to grow and they can count on our technical and market experience.


We represent


Vtron Group Co.,Ltd. was established in 2002 to provide world-class control room and video wall collaboration total solutions.

Their comprehensive video wall solutions include video wall display cubes, narrow bezel LCD panels and indoor LED displays, video wall processors and Visualisation Interactive System (VIS) for barrier-free collaboration.


    Ametek Power Instruments offers a range of advanced power monitoring systems, fault recorders, and power quality analyzers for the utility, industrial, and energy markets. Their products provide accurate and reliable data to help customers optimize their power systems and improve energy efficiency while reducing costs and downtime.


    CSL Silicones offers a wide range of silicone products including adhesives, sealants and coatings (Antigraffiti, Anticorrosion and HVIC (coatings for high voltage isolators).

    CSL Silicones products are highly resistant and durable, and are designed to meet customer needs in terms of quality, performance and sustainability.


    NVU’s innovations increase performance levels. The world of visual information is experiencing a major transformation with the proliferation of new devices, IP video technology, and LED displays. The challenge of centralizing business-level information across multiple screens is more required than ever before.


    Electric vehicle technology for single-family homes is being implemented with interchangeable batteries. Consult our experts to learn about the performance and cost savings of this technology.

    Geoventilación S.L

    Tecnología de Refrigeración

    Contribution to the improvement of the indoor CT cooling system by utilizing underground electrical ducts and suitable equipment placement in the installation. Geo-ventilation, also known as geothermal ventilation, involves harnessing the geothermal energy from the ground to exchange heat with a forced air stream used for air conditioning installations. The key factor is the temperature of the ground at depths between 1 and 10 meters.



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